About Harvest Treasure Foundation

How We Started

Harvest Treasure Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, was established in 2012 by founder, Sylvia "Earth Angel" Palomino. We are a passionate team of volunteers committed to healthy living, the well-being of our children and building strong communities. Harvest Treasure Foundation serves the community by launching and promoting backyard garden projects and healthy lifestyle awareness in schools and community organizations.  

Founder - Sylvia "Earth Angel" Palomino

Founder - Sylvia "Earth Angel" Palomino

Our Programs

Gardening for Healthy Eating

We encourage children to eat healthy by launching backyard garden projects in schools and showing them how to plant fruits and vegetables. Children learn to plant, reap and eat their own harvest. This encourages them to teach family members at home and spreading this healthy habit to others.

Gardening for Improving Behavior

In 2018, we collaborated with Nova Southeastern University, Department of Conflict Resolution Studies Nova Southeastern University, to establish research on the effect of backyard garden projects on improving the behavior, health, and wellness of children. We assisted schools and organizations to establish garden programs as a rehabilitative resource for resolving conflict and improving morale, self-confidence and behavior in children.

Scholarships - Coming Soon

To encourage young people to pursue careers in farming, agriculture, and health. We are in the process of establishing an agriculture-based curriculum scholarship fund for students. Our goal is to launch this initiative in January,  2020. Click here to donate to support this exciting program.